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Americans blacklist Ghent company

The Americans have put Huawei Technologies Research & Development on their economic black list.  The company was created in 2010 as a spin-off from Ghent University and the Leuven-based company Imec.

Last week the Americans added 68 businesses to the economic blacklist.  The US government believes these businesses pose a threat to US security.  The most famous business on the list is the Chinese telecoms giant Huawei that the US suspect of being involved in industrial espionage.

The Ghent-based firm Huawei Technologies Research & Development was snapped up by Huawei in 2013.  The black list mainly features companies from China, Afghanistan and the UAE, but the Ghent-based Huawei Technologies Research & Development is also included.  The company is a leader in parts for new types of transmitter-receivers.

Business in France, Germany, Austria and Finland also feature on the blacklist.

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