ATMs out of service due to blast attack fears

The Argenta bank chain is taking all its cashpoints at branches along the Belgian-Dutch border out of service in a bid to outsmart gangsters.  In recent months ATMs in border towns have been targeted by gangsters using explosives to try and get their hands on the money they contain.

As a result Argenta customers who live near the Dutch border are no longer able to make cash withdrawals from their local cashpoint.  Dozens of ATMs are hit.

Argenta has been targeted by gangsters four times so far this year.  A bank spokesman was unable to say how long the ATMs are out of service.

"It's a temporary measure" says Christine Vermylen.  "We want to prevent further damage or anybody being hurt.  It's not something we want to see!"

Earlier high street banks BNP Paribas Fortis, KBC, ING and Belfius as well as the bpost bank decided to close access to ATMs inside bank offices from 11PM.

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