Greens make eyes at liberals

Flemish green lawmaker Kristof Calvo was busy chatting up the liberals this morning.  Ahead of Sunday's general election he told VRT Radio that ecologists and liberals could do "beautiful things" together.

It's not the first time that Mr Calvo (right on photo) confirms his interest in a green-liberal alliance in Belgian politics.  At home in Mechelen he serves on the local council under liberal burgomaster Bart Somers.  Speaking on VRT Radio he also pointed to Ghent where the liberals and greens (together with the socialists) have run the city for over six years now.

The green supremo believes that greens and liberals could also achieve much by working together in a federal government: "We could work together on improving the situation for independent professionals and lower taxes on labour."

However, Mr Calvo says he's disappointed the Flemish liberals have done an awful lot to resemble the Flemish nationalist N-VA in this election campaign. He predicts that with the Open VLD liberals the middle classes will once again end up paying the bill and calls on progressive liberals to vote green: "Otherwise with Open VLD you will end up with an N-VA government."

Flemish liberal Deputy Premier Alexander De Croo (left on photo) believes the two parties share objectives when it comes to tax but differ on the method of how to achieve this goal.

"The greens want a shift; we want a reduction because we want more people in work and a more efficient government" Mr De Croo noted.

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