Maximum speed for electric scooters raised to 25km/h

Belgium is relaxing the Highway Code for pedestrians and cyclists starting next week.

Belgium is introducing the “green square” that gives pedestrians and cyclists a green light at intersections, while all other road users see red.  This should ensure that cyclists don't have conflict with cars, buses and heavy lorries.

Intersections using this principle will be equipped with traffic lights displaying green arrows around the outline of a cyclist or pedestrian.

Cargo bikes narrower than a metre will be treated like ordinary bikes and will be able to drive down one way streets too and in pedestrian precincts!  Children are allowed to cycle on the pavement until the age of ten.

The maximum speed for electric scooters, wheel chairs and hover boards is being raised from 18 to 25 km/h.

In future outside cities drivers will have to put a metre and a half between their vehicle and that of vulnerable road users like cyclists. 

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