Almost 5,000 extra beds to be created in Flemish care homes

Over the next 5 years almost 5,000 new beds will be created in Flemish care homes. This is in addition to the 10,000 extra places care home places created in our region over the past 5 years. The decision has been taken in order tackle the issue of waiting lists. 

There are more and more elderly people and consequently the demand for places in care homes has risen. The 5,000 extra care home places will bring the total number of beds available in Flemish care homes to 91,000.    

Speaking on Thursday, the Flemish Welfare Minister Jo Vandeurzen (Christian democrat) told VRT News “Time is needed to create the extra places. But it is our ambition to provide enough provision. These extra places should ensure that there are enough possibilities”.   

Extra staff is also needed to look after the around 1,800 care home residents that require high levels of care. In order to pay for this and the extra beds in the region’s care homes, the Flemish Government has set aside 162 million euro. There will also be extra investment in care in the home.       

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