Baby-killer Kim De Gelder to be sectioned 10 years after crèche murders

A man that murdered a nursery nurse and two babies at the Fabeltjesland crèche in the East Flemish town of Dendemonde a decade ago is to be sectioned. The decision to section the 30-year-old was taken by a court in Ghent.  In 2013 he was sentenced to life-imprisonment for the murders. 

The court in Ghent ruled that Kim De Gelder no longer belongs in a prison cell at Oudenaarde Jail (East Flanders), but instead should be held in a secure psychiatric facility, as his mental condition means that he is not criminally accountable. Kim De Gelder will be taken to the psychiatric wing of Ghent Prison. If he is ever deemed to have been cured, he will return to Oudenaarde Prison to serve the rest of his sentence.    

Those in charge of Oudenaarde Prison asked two years ago for Kim De Gelder to be sectioned. A team of 4 experts held him under observation for many months.   

Kim De Gelder's solicitor Jaak Haentjens told VRT News that the experts' conclusion was unanimous. Furthermore the Judicial Authorities had no objection to him being sectioned. 


Two babies and a nursery nurse killed

In January 2009 Kim De Gelder the then 20 year-old Kim De Gelder stabbed to death the nursery nurse Marita Blindeman and two of the babies in her care, Corneel and Leon.

A week earlier he had murdered the pensioner Elza Van Raemdonck at her home in Vrasene, in the village of Beveren-Waas. He was detained on the day of the Fabeltjesland stabbing and remained in custody until his trail in 2013 where he was sentenced to life imprisonment.   

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