Think before you swat!

The biannual insect week got under way today. The idea behind the event is to raise awareness of the useful role some insects play in our environment. During the course of the week hundreds of events are being held across Belgium to highlight the ecological value of insects. 

The aim of the insect week is to increase people’s respect for insects. Insects have existed on earth for more than 400 million years and they are very important for biodiversity.  “Usefull insects” are essential for the pollination of plants. They can even help detectives solve murder cases and can track down drugs and explosives. Useful insects also reduce the need for insecticides as they get rid of nuisance insects themselves.     

Research has shown that some insect populations are in worryingly speedy decline.  The organisers of the insect week say that it is up to us to get to know insects better to enable to learn to protect them.

To this end more than 100 activities are being held across the whole of Belgium.

A list of all the activities can be found on the Insect week website (in Dutch/French).  

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