“We won’t make the mistake of ignoring people’s frustrations”

Flemish green leader Meyrem Almaci has spoken of the prospect of the Belgian green parties Groen and Ecolo being the biggest group in the federal parliament, but also of the challenge posed by the success of the far right.

Ms Almaci is proud of the result of her party, the 4th election victory in a row, but at the same time worried about the surge in support for the far right Vlaams Belang.

“It’s a special day with sun and bright weather but also with dark clouds.  In Brussels and Leuven we’re the biggest.  Ghent too looks good.”

The success of the far right is the black cloud: “The disappointment and frustration of people resulted in a resounding victory for Vlaams Belang.  The easiest thing you can do is ignore these voters.  It’s a mistake we won’t make.”

“We must listen to these voters.  They like so many are worried about their future.  We must answer their fears not increase them.  This is a great responsibility for all democratic parties.”

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