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America’s Stella Chen wins Queen Elizabeth Competition for violin

The American violinist Stella Chen has won the 2019 Queen Elizabeth Competition for Violin. The Public Prizes went to our compatriot Sylvia Huang. Sylvia Huang was the only Belgian in the final. Although she didn’t finish among the jury’s top 6 she certainly proved popular among the audience.      

The last two finalists took to the stage on Saturday evening. Second Prize was for the flamboyant Canadian Timothy Chooi who played a piece by Tchaikovsky in the final. 

The American Stephan Kim played his obligatory piece without the aid of a music sheet and them played a piece by Brahms with great power.  This earned him third place.

Fourth place was for Shannon Lee. Despite a brief power cut the Belgian National Orchestra and the American-Canadian violinist remained unperturbed and they carried on playing in the dark.   

 Fifth was the Hungarian Julia Pusker. Sixth place was for the Romanian violinist Cristina Coica.

The winner takes prize money of 25,000 euro and is lent a Huggins-Stradivarius violin for four years.  The other violinists in the top 6 will play a series of concerts across Belgium.

Despite not finishing in the top 6, the Belgian violinist Syvia Huang won the public prizes that was put up by the VRT’s television channel Canvas and our culture radio station Klara. The prize is worth 2,500 euro.    

Watch our interview with the winner

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