Big losses for the Flemish Christian democrats

The Flemish Christian democrats have suffered big losses in the regional and federal elections. The Flemish Education Minister Hilde Crevits (photo above) announcement towards the end of the campaign that she was a candidate to become the next Flemish Prime Minister does appear to have help improve her party’s score at the polls.    

The Christian democrats have lost across Flanders. As things stand the party appears to be the biggest looser of all in the elections to the Flemish Parliament. Its stands to lose as many as 9 of its seats and Hilde Crevits being the first candidate on the party’s list for the Flemish Parliament did nothing to stop the party’s decline there.  

The party also suffered big losses in Antwerp Province where another Flemish Minister Koen Van den Heuvel was the first candidate on its Flemish Parliament list.

Only in East Flanders where Mr Van den Heuvel’s predecessor Joke Schauvliege headed the list were the party’s losses limited. Ms Schauvliege was forced to resign as a Minister after she had dismissed the climate demonstrations as a “complot”. She claimed that she had received information saying this from the State Security Service. However, this turned out to be a lie.

Federal Parliament losses of around 5 percentage points

The party has also suffered big losses in the elections to the Federal Parliament. Across the 5 Flemish provincial constituencies for the Chamber of Representatives, the party is down by an average of around 5%.

Only the Justice Minister (Koen Geens) was able to limit the electoral damage for the Christian democrats in Flemish Brabant.  Meanwhile, the leader of the Flemish Christian democrats Wouter Beke will not be best pleased with the result of his list in Limburg province.

Last time around in 2014 the Flemish Christian democrats gained 20% of the votes for the Flemish Parliament. This time it looks like the party will score around 14%. Furthermore, the Christian democrats are no longer the second most popular party. This honour now goes to the far-right Vlaams Belang that are the winners of the federal and regional elections in Flanders.     

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