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Flemish expats vote greener than Flemings in Flanders

With all the results counted of the votes cast by Flemings living abroad, the Flemish nationals took the most votes followed by the greens. Although the Flemish nationalists lost some ground among expat voters their losses were less pronounced than in the results that are in so far from Flemings voting here in Flanders. The far-right Vlaams Belang gained ground, but this was less than among voters voting her.   

Among the Flemish expat voters voting for candidates standing in the Antwerp provincial constituency 25.77% (-2.23%) voted for the Flemish nationalists, 22.23% voted for the greens (up 5.71%). The Flemish liberal are down slightly (-1.30%), the Flemish Christian democrats won 7.99% of the votes (-3.27%), the socialists 7.66% (-2.47%) and the far right Vlaams Belang 7.85% (+2.65%).     

Among Flemish expats voting in the East Flanders provincial constituency. Here the greens polled 26.23% (+7.86%), the liberals 25.38% (-0.10%), the nationalists 19.3% (-2.02%), the Christian democrats 7.79% (-6.42%), the socialists 6.93% (- 3.29%) and the far-right Vlaams Belang 6.93% (+1.65%).  

Among those voting in the West Flanders provincial constituency the greens gained 28.38% of the vote (up 8.99%). The far-right Vlaams Belang polled 6.91% (up 1.31%), the liberals polled 20.07% (-1.48%), the nationalists 21.29% (-0.69%), the Christian democrats 10.18% (-6.42%) and the socialists 7.66% (-2.9%).

With 22.05% (up 9.76%) The greens scored well among Flemish expats voting in the Limburg provincial constituency. Vlaams Belang was up, 5.22% at 10.76%. The Flemish nationalists gain the votes of 17.46% of Limburg expats (-6.88%), the Christian democrats 14.81% (down 3.26%) and the socialists 11.46% (-2.75%).  

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