Francophone greens score well among Brussels voters that live abroad

The votes of Belgians living abroad that opted to vote for the Chamber of Representatives in the Brussels constituency have now all been counted. The results show that among Belgian expats voting for candidates standing in Brussels, the Francophone greens are now the most popular party. The Francophone socialists are the big losers. 

More than 30% of Belgian expats voting in the Brussels constituency voted for the Francophone green party Ecolo. This is  20.9% up on the last federal election in 2014. The Francophone liberals that usually score well among expat voters are second with 26.1%.

The big losers among Brussels voters living abroad are the Francophone socialists they have lost half of their votes, polling just 12.7%. The Francophone Christian democrats won just 3.8% of the votes. The Francophone federalists from Défi got 5.1%. The other parties, including the Flemish parties standing got around 2.5% of the vote.     

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