Greens in the lead in the elections for the Brussels Regional Parliament

Early results in the elections for the Brussels regional parliament show big wins for both the Flemish and Francophone greens. The citizen’s movement Agora’s list is also scoring strongly in the Dutch-speaking electoral college.     

With around 10% of the votes counted at 6:30pm the Flemish greens 22.3% of the votes in the Dutch-language electoral college (up 4.4%), the Flemish liberals are down 5.9 percentage points at 20.8%. The Flemish nationalists have 16.8% (-0.4%). The Flemish socialists are the big losers(-8.2%) at 11.3%.

The Flemish Christian democrats have also lost heavily, down 4.4 percentage points compared with 2014 with 7% of the votes counted thus far. The big surprise is the citizen’s movement Agora’s list than has gained 8.1% of the votes counted so far. The far-right Vlaams Belang is up 0.9 percentage points at 6.5%

Among the Francophone parties the greens are in the lead with 21.4% (+11.3%), the liberals are second with 21% (-2%), the socialist are down 10.1 percentage points at 16%, the far-left PTB has 10%, the Christian democrats 8.4% (-3.3%), the Francophile federalist party Défi has gained 16.1% of the votes counted so far in the Francophone electoral college. 

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