New low for Flemish socialists

Results of the general election show the Flemish socialist party exploring new depths.  After the poor showing in 2014 the party launched a radical operation to rejuvenate its base. The strategy doesn’t seem to have worked with the SP.A edging lower towards 10%.

The Flemish electorate doesn’t seem to have warmed to the renewal operation of party leader John Crombez.  Results for the Flemish parliament show losses to 4% for the opposition party.  It’s a similar story for SP.A in the results for the federal Chamber of Representatives.

The socialists haven’t made any headway in a single Flemish province, not even in Mr Crombez’s West Flanders. There are big blows for the socialists in Limburg and East Flanders. In Limburg the socialists faced green floor leader Meryame Kitir, while in East Flanders a relatively unknown headed the list.

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