Technical issues delayed voting at some polling stations

Although voting was able to start at most polling stations at 8am sharp, there were some issues with starting up voting computers at few polling stations. The Federal Department of the Interior reports that technicians were called out to look at 113 voting computers that those in charge of running polling stations had been unable to start up by the time voting was to have commenced.  

The computers were at polling stations in locations spread over the whole country. The Federal Interior Department’s Peter Grouwels told VRT News that “There were a total of 100 incidents with the 31,000 computers being used and they are currently being put right”.

The issues are not only confined to voting computers used by voters, but also in some cases with computers used by the polling station presidents. Mr Grouwels added that a total of 240 IT technicians are on hand to ensure that any issues can be resolved quickly.

Meanwhile, a team of around twenty people is following the elections in the Interior Ministry election “cockpit”. 



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