Vlaams Belang says result should end its exclusion

Filip Dewinter, one of the leading figures in the far right Vlaams Belang party, has spoken of a Vlaams Belang flood wave in response to the first results that are coming in from the Flemish regional and Belgian parliamentary elections.

Though it is early days, the strong showing of the far right with big jumps in their share of the vote from Roeselare and Diksmuide in the West to Hasselt in the East is clear.

Mr De Winter like most observers identified a trend with a swing towards Vlaams Belang, a party that is shunned by all other Belgian political parties: “We shall see how this continues” he said.

“Voters have meted out a democratic blow with their voting pencil.  This is a White and not a Black Sunday” he added in reference to the 1991 general election when Vlaams Belang predecessor Vlaams Blok first made a breakthrough”.

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