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Far-right and far-left gains in Belgian European Parliament elections

The result of elections to the European Parliament in the three Belgian constituencies were a reflection of the results of the elections to the regional and federal parliaments. The big winner in Flanders was the far-right Vlaams Belang. 

The party increased its vote 12.3 percentage points and increased its number of MEPs from 1 to 3. Patsy Vatlet and Filip De Man join Gerolf Annemans as Vlaams Belang MEPs.

Although with 22.4% they gained the largest share of the popular vote in Flanders, the Flemish nationalists are down 4.3 percentage points on 2014 and lose one MEP. Geert Bourgeois, Assita Kanko and Johan Van Overtveldt will represent the party in the European Parliament.

The Flemish liberal list headed by the leader of the liberal group in the European Parliament Guy Verhofstadt is 4.5 percentage points at 16%. The party has also lost 1 of its three MEPs. Mr Verhofstadt and Hilde Vautmans are the party’s two MEPs.

The Flemish Christian democrats retain their two seats despite being 5.5 percentage points down on 2014 at 14.5%. Kris Peeters and Cindy Franssen are the party’s two MEPs. The Flemish greens increased their share of the vote by 1.8 percentage points to 12.4%. Petra De Sutter will represent the party in the European Parliament.

The Flemish socialist retain their seat despite being down 3 percentage points on 2014 at 10.2%. Kathleen van Brempt will continue to represent the party in the European Parliament.

Francophones elect far-left MEP

In the Francophone constituency the greens gained almost 20% of the vote and increase their representation from 1 to 2. Saskia Bricomont joins Philippe Lambert as an Ecolo MEP. The Francophone socialists fell back by 2.6 percentages points (to 26.7%) and lost one MEP.

The party now has 2 MEPs: Maria Arena, the Francophone liberals also lose a seat and have 2 seats. Olivier Chastel and Frédérique Ries are the party’s two MEPs. Despite also losing votes, the Franccophone Christian democrats retain their one seat in the European Parliament.

The former party leader Benoît Lutgen will represent the party in Europe. The far-left gained its only Belgian MEP in the Francophone constituency. Marc Botenga is Belgium’s only communist MEP.

In the German-speaking constituency there was no change and the Christian democrat Pascal Arimont.       

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