Belgium ordered to pay compensation of almost 6,000 to prisoner

The European Court of Human Rights has ruled that the Belgian State must pay almost 6,000 euro in compensation for what it judged was the inhumane treatment and torture of a man that was being held in jail during the long prison officers strike in 2016. 

During the strike three years ago the man was being held at Ittre Prison in Walloon Brabant. During his time there a minimum service was being in force at the prison due to the strike.

According to a report into conditions at the prison, inmates’ access to shower facilities was severely limited, inmates were obliged to remain in their cells around the clock and they weren’t allowed any visitors.         

The man had lodged a complained against the conditions in which he was held with the relevant authorities here in Belgium. However, his complaint was dismissed and he decided to his case to the European Court of Human Rights.  The court ruled in his favour and he was awarded 3,480 euro in moral damages and 2,300 euro costs.   

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