King continues his round of consultative talks with the parties

King Filip is continuing his round of consultative talks with the various parties. After having met with the leaders of the two biggest parties in the Federal Parliament, the Flemish nationalists and the Francophone socialists on Monday, King Filip held talks with the joint leaders of the Francophone green party Ecolo on Tuesday morning.

Zakia Khattabi and Jean-Marc Nollet arrived at the Royal Palace at around 9:15 for talks that were due to start at 9:30. The second party leader that met with King was the Flemish greens’ leader Meyrem Almaci. She arrived at the palace in a black electrically-powered BMW.

The King will completed a morning of talks with party leaders with a meeting with the leader of the Flemish Christian democrats Wouter Beke. Mr Beke is due at the palace at 11:30am. 

De Wever starts round of consultative talks with parties

Unlike a the federal level where the King takes the initiative, at the regional and language community level it is up to the leader of biggest party to initiate talks that will eventually lead to the formation of a government.

In the case of Flanders this is the leader of the Flemish nationalist Bart De Wever. Despite suffering losses in Sunday’s election Mr De Wever’s party is still by far the largest in the Flemish Parliament with 35 of the 124 seats. Mr De Wever has decided to invite the parties for talks in order of their size.

The party with the smallest number of seats first. First up will be the far-left PVDA that has 4 seats in the Flemish Parliament. 

Brussels talks also under way

In Brussels it is up to the parties that fared the best in their respective electoral colleges (Dutch/Francophone) to form coalitions. These two groups of parties then form the government of the Brussels-Capital region. In the Dutch Electoral colleges the Green came out as the biggest party.

It The woman that headed the green list to its historic victory on Sunday Elke Van den Brandt will have the first shot at forming a coalition in the Dutch language group.

Meanwhile, on the Francophone side it will be the incumbent First Minister Rudi Vervoort that will initiate the talks as despite suffering losses his socialist list remained the most popular among Francophone voters.            

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