Metro lines 2 and 6 will be partially closed on Thursday and Friday

The Brussels public transport company MIVB has announced no trains will be operating on part of metro lines 2 and 6 for two days later this week. On Thursday 30 May (a public holiday) and Friday  31 May no metro services will run between Hallepoort and Weststation. The two-day close of the stretch of track that also serves Brussels South Railway Station is to allow engineers to replace a set of points.  

The set of points that needs replacing is between the Clemenceau and Zuidstation (Brussels South Railway Station) metro stations. On Thursday and Friday Line 2 metro services will only run between the Elisabeth and Hallepoort stations, while line 6 services will only operate between the Weststation and Koning Boudewijn metro station.    

The line closure means that no trains will stop at the Zuidstation, Clemenceau and Delcroix metro stations. Passengers are advised to seek alternatives such as trams 3,4, 51 and 82.  

The work is being carried out an a public holiday and a Friday between a public holiday and a weekend in order to keep disruption to a minimum.  

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