4,000 people protest against the far-right

Around 4,000 people gathered on the Luxemburgplein in Brussels on Tuesday evening to protest against the rise of the far-right. The demonstration was organised by the Coalition against the Far-Right and Fascism. Those that took part in the demonstration came from a host of organisations that had joined forces to create what they describe as “a force against fascism”. They are committed to combatting all forms of discrimination.  

The demonstrators that are on the left of the political spectrum said that all too often those on the far-right openly preach hatred against minority groups and that this should be allowed to become the norm. Representatives of the LGBTQI+ movement and those that defend the rights of migrants were visibly present at the demonstration.     

They carried banners with slogans such as “No to racism”, “No human is illegal”, “Choose hope before hate”.   

A spokesman for the organisers told the press agency Belga that "We see that more and groups are being criminalised and the number of authoritarian laws have increased. On top of this racism is becoming trivialised with the aim of creating a society in which inequality forms the central plank and the machinery of solidarity is dismantled more and more”.    

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