Anti-prison protester badly burned in fire

A member of a group of protesters that are camping near to the site on which a new prison is to be built in the Brussels district of Haren has been seriously injured in a fire. The Brussels Fire Service reports that the man was rushed to hospital with 3rd degree burns.       

The fire service was called to deal with a fire on the Keelbeek site at 10:20pm on Thursday. When fire-fighters arrive they saw that one of huts constructed by the protesters living at the site. Walter Derieuw of the Brussels Fire Service told the press agency Belga that the fire was caused by a cooking pot overheating and igniting cooking oil.        

"It took a great deal of effort on the part of our people to get into the hut to extinguish the fire. There were a number of small explosions caused by gas bottles. We were even able to drag three large 10kg propane gas bottles out of the hut before they exploded”, Mr Derieuw added.  

There was one person inside the hut. He was taken to hospital with third degree burns.  

He told fire fighters that a second person was also in the hut and that they had been slightly burned. However, this person was not there when fire fighters arrived.

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