Here comes summer!

The coming days will see temperatures shoot up to as high as 29°C. Friday’s fine weather will be but a taster of what is to come over the weekend.  Parks and the various Provincial Estates (large parks with a range of recreation facilities) are preparing for a flood of visitors in the coming days.      

On Friday it will remain dry. In central areas there will be periods of sun interspersed with cloud.  Temperatures will reach 18°C at the coast and 23°C in central areas. Winds will be moderate southwest to westerly.

On Saturday it will be mainly sunny with some high cloud. Top temperatures will reach 22°C on the high fens and 26°C in the Kempen area in Antwerp and Limburg provinces.

On Sunday it will sunny. However, by the end of the day the chance of storms will increase.  Temperatures will reach 24°C on the High Fens and 29°C in the Kempen area.   

Enjoy the great outdoors

The fine weather will make many of want to spend time outside to soak up the sun. Recreation parks and provincial estates across the country are preparing for an influx of  visitors.

Those wishing to swim in the open air can do so at various locations including the Halve Maan in Diest (Flemish Brabant) and Zilvermeer in Mol (Antwerp province).  Extra life guard are being drafted in to De Nekker in Mechelen (Antwerp province) to help cope with the expected increase in visitors.

Meanwhile, the provincial estates at Kessel-Lo (Flemish Brabant) and the Netepark in Herentals (Antwerp province) will be opening their open air swimming pools for the first time this year during the weekend.    

After the weekend the summer temperatures will take a break.  On Monday it will be cooler in western and central areas with temperatures not reaching above 20°C with periods of rain expected.  In eastern areas temperatures will reach 24°C with the chance of thunder storms.  On Tuesday the weather will be changeable with bright spells and scattered showers.  Maximum temperatures will reach 22°C in central areas. 

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