It's "Bottoms up" at the police force once again

As one of his first policy decisions, Belgium's new police chief, general commissioner Marc De Mesmaeker, has decided that alcohol may once again be served at police events.  During the past six years all consumption of alcohol was banned, but this seriously dampened the atmosphere at receptions and staff parties.

Our lads and lasses in blue can once again look forward to an alcoholic drink at their New Year’s reception and other events.  The decision to serve alcoholic beverages once again was taken in a bid to enhance social cohesion among officers.

No extravagant behaviour will be tolerated, but the new police chief wants to allow officers to mark important events in the service with verve.  Permission to serve alcoholic beverages will have to be requested on each occasion though.

The decision still means no stiff drinks.  Only low alcoholic beverages will be served.  The total ban on alcohol at work remains in place.

The ban on all alcoholic beverages was introduced by the last police chief, Catherine De Bolle.

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