Michaël Torfs

Sunday was near tropical in Belgium

A temperature of 29.5°C was recorded at the Royal Met Office in Ukkel (Brussels) today.  It’s a fraction short of the 30°C needed to declare a tropical temperature.

Elsewhere in Belgium, e.g. at the air force base in Kleine Brogel (Limburg), temperatures in excess of 30°C were recorded.  At many spots across Flanders the 30°C threshold was shattered, but only a temperature recorded at Ukkel counts as the official reference. The 29.5°C at Ukkel was recorded at 4PM CEST.

Belgium was pipped at the post by our northern neighbours in the Netherlands where tropical temperatures were recorded today.

Here the tropical heat is expected to ease with showers and thundery showers tonight. Rain will cross the country from West to East on Monday with highs between 20°C and 24°C.  Tuesday and Wednesday will be showery with temperatures lower from Wednesday onwards.

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