1.5 million more Flemings now able to recycle more types of plastic waste

From today another 1.5 million people in Flanders will be able recycle more types of plastic waste by disposing of it in the blue bin liner that are reserved for PMD (plastic metal and drinks cartons). By the end of next this will be the case in the whole country.

In April two inter-municipal refuge collection companies extended the range of plastics that can be disposed of in their blue bin liners.

From today (Monday 3 June) this will be extended to customers of another six Flemish inter-municipal refuge companies. This brings the number of those that will be able to recycle more of their plastic to 1.5 million.    

From September system will be extended to the area around Namur in Wallonia and from December an additional 500,000 people in and around Liège will be able to dispose of more kinds of plastic in their blue PMD bin liners. All being well the system should have been extended to the whole country by the end of next year.    

What can be disposed of in the blue bin liner?

In areas where the range has not yet been expanded only plastic bottles, cans and drink cartons can be disposed of in the blue bin bags.   

Under the new rules other kinds of plastics can be put into blue bin liner for recycling. These include yoghurt pots, margarine pots, plastic foil, bags and plastic tubes (tooth paste, hair gel…).    

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