Bart De Wever starts second round of talks with all parties except the far-left PVDA

The leader of the largest party in the newly-elected Flemish Parliament, the Flemish nationalists, has started a second round of talks aimed at finding parties that could participate in coalition negotiations for the formation of a new Flemish Government. Only the far-left PVDA has not been invited by Bart De Wever this time around.   

The party says that it “is not surprising” that it has not been invited. The Flemish nationalists are refusing to comment on whether all the other parties, including the far-right Vlaams Belang that is the second biggest party in the Flemish Parliament, have been invited for further talks.  All the party will say is that “Discrete talks are being held with various parties”.   

The Flemish socialists say that although they have not yet received a formal invitation “a signal has been given that we will be invited”.

The far-right Vlaams Belang won’t comment “in order to give the talks every chance”. This could indicate that the party has been invited for a second time. The Flemish liberals and the Flemish Christian democrats will definitely be invited. It is generally believed that Mr De Wever wants the current Flemish coalition (Liberal, Christian democrat and nationalists) to continue for a second term.     

Unlike the first round of talks, the second round of talks will take place well away from the cameras.

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