Two giants say “I do” in Halle

The two giants from the Flemish Brabant town of Halle are now officially man and wife. The giants, Romeo and Juliette are well known in the world of folklore both in Halle and in the surrounding area.  Their “wedding” in the Halle Basilica was “almost real” with the ceremony being performed by the Dean of Halle Reymond Decoster. The only issue was at the end of the ceremony when Romeo was told that he could “kiss the bride”.  

It was a first for Dean Decoster "There aren’t many things that I am afraid to do”, he told Radio 2 Flemish Brabant. “I think that it’s something original. It is folklore and I played along. However you should ridicule the sanctity of marriage, so there needs to be a balance”.     

During the ceremony Dean Decoster told of how it all began between the giants. “Romeo Vandestieweg and Juliette Van de Commerce first met at the start of the 1930’s and it was love at first site. All these years they have lived as bachelor and spinster and now after last week’s stag and hen nights the big moment has arrived”.

There was a remarkably good turnout in the church for the giants’ wedding. However, folklore association Confrèrie van de Vaantjesboer that had organised the wedding had expected a lot of people to attend.  

"The giants have a special place in their hearts for the giants”. Sadly kissing the bride wasn’t a possibility.

"Kissing isn’t technically possible for the giants”. 

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