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Public consultation on Belgian climate plan

The authorities here in Belgium have launched a public consultation on the climate plan agreed by the federal and regional government. The consultation will run for 6 weeks until 15 July. The news comes from the office of the outgoing Federal Energy Minister Marie-Christine Marghem (Francophone liberal). 

An online questionnaire gives the general public the chance to air their views on the commitments that the various Belgian authorities have made in the National Energy and Climate Plan (NECP). Those that wish to can request a personalised link to the survey that can be completed in Dutch, French or German via this link 

The survey is being carried out as the authorities want to know “what the general public is prepared to do” in order to make the change to sustainable, reliable and affordable energy systems.    

The survey also asks what would make people take public transport more often or to buy a “cleaner” car.  In addition to a series of questions, plenty of space is provided for people to comment and give opinions.  

European Commission

The public consultation has come about as the European Commission had asked the EU member states to consult their people about their respective climate plans.

Belgium had said in the NECP that the consultation would take place during the “first quarter of 2019”.  However, it was put back until after the elections. Based on the responses to the public consultation the various authorities can modify their plans in order to have a revised NECP ready by the deadline at the end of the year.    

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