Cyclist fined for speeding at 41km/h

A cyclist speeding on a pedelec or electric bike has been given a ticket in Zwijnaarde (East Flanders).  Local police caught the cyclist doing 41 km/h in a 30 km zone

“In the highway code speed pedelecs fall into the moped category" says Stef Willems of the traffic safety centre Vias.  "They are also fitted out with a number plate."

Just like all other road users cyclists on speed pedelecs are obliged to comply with traffic restrictions including 30km zones.  Speed and you risk a fine.  The speeding cyclist will be obliged to pay a 55 euro fine as if he or she had been on a moped!

By the end of last year there were some 11,000 speed pedelecs on Belgian roads.  They have a maximum speed of 45km/h, but if you exceed this speed a fine could follow. Stef Willems says that speeds over 45km/h are very rarely reached.

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