“Disgraceful decision” triggers more and more complaints

Filiep Tampere, Delfine Persoon’s coach, has filed a complaint with the World Boxing Council (WBC) after Belgian boxing champ Persoon lost her world title fight against Katie Taylor.  Mr Tampere hopes the WBC will soon agree to a rematch.

On Wednesday the Belgian boxing federation filed a complaint with the four international federations, the WBC, but also with the WBO, the WBA and the IBF.  The Belgian federation sees this as a way of airing their unhappiness with the result of Saturday’s fight and hopes to trigger a rematch.

In his letter to the WBC Persoon’s coach speaks of a “disgraceful decision” and voices disappointment the WBC didn’t send a referee to the fight.

“This result is a disgrace for the sport of boxing and everybody except a few Irish fans shares this view.  Delfine wants her green belt back and doesn’t want her WBC belt to be handed over in this way.”   

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