Monkey in nappy swings through Antwerp trees!

We’ve always known that people from Antwerp are well brought up.  Pictures from the Antwerp town of Ekeren have now confirmed this.  They show a wee monkey that has been kitted out with a nappy (or as our friends in the US would say a diaper)!

The monkey that was swinging from branch to branch has been identified as a Barbary Macaque.  The hot money is on this being a monkey that has escaped from somebody’s home.  However, in Belgium it’s illegal to keep monkeys in the home as pets.  Monkeys can transmit nasty disease and get cantankerous and aggressive as they get older.  There are suspicions the poor creature has been smuggled into Belgium from Morocco.

The monkey has now been taken to an animal sanctuary in Opglabbeek where it is being kept in quarantine.  After tests have given the green light it will be united with other Barbary Macaques.

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