Nicolas Maeterlinck

Torrential rain causes flooding and damage in Brussels and Flemish Brabant

Last night’s torrential rain led to flooding in many places.  For firefighters in the Belgian and Flemish capital it was a busy night.  Tree limbs and trunks needed to be cleared from the public highway in many spots across Brussels.

There were problems with guttering and signs that threatened to collapse and obstruct the highway.  Brussels road tunnels had to be shut but reopened at 3AM.  Ukkel, Evere, Schaarbeek, Bosvoorde, Jette, Vorst and Elsene bore the brunt of the disruption.

Fire-fighters in western Flemish Brabant received over a hundred calls.  The situation in Lennik was particularly bad with a lot of damage due to the mud and water.  Damage was also reported from Kapelle-Op-Den-Bos, Londerzeel, Grimbergen, Vilvoorde and Zaventem.

South of Brussels Halle too was hit.  Sandbags couldn’t prevent the flooding of the new sewerage system.  Water from the torrential rain flooded into the centre of the city from higher suburbs. 

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