Royal Meteorological Institute warns of storms and gusts of high wind across the country

The Royal Meteorological Institute (KMI) warns that there will be thunder storms and gusts of high wind at locations across Belgium on Monday afternoon and evening. Large quantities of rain are predicted to fall in a very short space of time at some locations. 

Maximum temperatures will reach between 18°C and 23°C. In the north of the country winds will come from the northeast, while in the south winds will be south-westerly. On Monday evening we can expect heavy showers of rain with thunder storms.

Monday night will be dry with cloud clearing. Temperatures will fall to between 7°C and 12°C.  Winds will be slight to moderate south to south-westerly. There could be some localised mist. 

Tuesday morning will be mainly dry with widespread banks of high cloud. Cloud will increase gradually from the southeast and there will be some showers with the possibility of thunder. Maximum temperatures will vary between 14°C on the High Fens to 18°C in Flanders.  

On Tuesday night it will dry to start with before the weather becomes changeable against with showers coming in from the southeast and the possibility of some thunder. Minimum temperatures will fall to around 10°C.

Wednesday morning will be cloudy with showers and/or prolong periods of rain. There could be a chance of a localised thunder storm in some areas. Much of the cloud will clear in the afternoon. However, the chance of showers will still remain. Maximum temperatures will reach between 16°C and 20°C.    



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