Missing Belgian: mobile data allows police to concentrate search

Police in Australia are focusing on two zones in Byron Bay in their search for the missing Belgian Theo Hayez.  Theo was last seen in Byron Bay at the end of May.

Detectives decided to focus their search on these two areas after receiving information from the 18-year-olds's mobile phone.  The search is concentrated on the eastern part of the centre of the city and on woods north east of the city.

Data shows that Theo used his mobile phone last in these areas.  Chief inspector Matthew Kehoe is in charge of the investigation: "We haven't found anything important yet, but the search continues."

The search is being conducted by the police, helicopters, the emergency services as well as volunteers including local residents and visitors.

Theo was last seen leaving a nightspot on 31 May.  At 1AM he was still on WhatsApp, but there has been no trace of him since.  He left his gear at a hostel.  The Belgian arrived in Australia last year on a work visa and was supposed to return to Belgium this week.  The Belgian embassy in Canberra is in contact with police in Byron Bay, a popular resort on the Australian east coast.  

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