Scooter no discarding zones on the way

The Brussels Region is taking action to stop people discarding electric scooters at locations where they don't belong.  The region intends to introduce zones where the scooters cannot be discarded.

If the scooters are left in these zones the scooter rental company will be fined.

They have become a common sight across the Brussels Region: electric scooters that you can rent for as many minutes as the journey takes.  At the minute the scooters can be discarded wherever you like, but this often causes problems for pedestrians and cyclists.

Inge Paemen of Mobility Brussels: "Often the scooters are discarded without much thought and obstruct the public highway for other people.  Others should not become the victim of the scooters' success."

Brussels 19 municipalities have been asked to draw up a list of places where the scooters shouldn't be discarded.

Inge Paemen: "We're discussing this with the municipalities.  The UNESCO zone around the market square and the Nieuwstraat are two areas that are already decided."

"We're putting up a sign to signpost areas where scooters can't be parked.  It's difficult to fine the user.  We can fine the operators and they have to see whether they pass on the fine or not."

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