More than 5,000 Hasselt families without power

The centre of the Limburg city of Hasselt is without power due to a power cut caused by a fire in an electricity sub-station. As well as 5,000 families, the Town Hall is also without power, meaning that services at the Town Hall are closed as staff are unable to use their computers. The power cut is expected to continue into the afternoon.    


A short circuit and a fire in a large sub-station have left a large area of the centre of Hasselt (Limburg) without power.  

The substation distributes power to around 40 smaller substations. As well as public services and business more than 5,000 families are without power.  

The company in charge of electricity distribution in Flanders Fluvius says that it is doing all it can to restore supply.

Fluvius’ David Callens told VRT News that "Our people are at the scene and are trying to ensure that everyone has power again as soon as possible. Of course for such a large area we can’t do this by clicking our fingers, so it could take another 1 to 2 hours”. 

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