Police shoot dead man that attacked them in West Flemish town

Police in the West Flemish town of Wevelgem have shot dead a 37-year-old man after he attacked them with a screwdriver. One police officer was rushed to hospital with life-threatening injuries after the attack. However, his condition is now described as stable. 

Police were called after the man, who had psychiatric issues, had threatened his parents. When then arrived the man became extremely aggressive and threatened the police officers with a screwdriver. They first used pepper spray to defend themselves.

However, the man attacked one of the police officers with a screwdriver, leaving him seriously injured. One of the injured officer’s colleagues fired a shot and the man took a bullet to the chest. Attempts were made to resuscitate him and he was taken to hospital where he has since died.

The police officer that was attacked was in a critical condition. However, his condition is now described as stable. He was stabbed in the face and in the chest area, just above his bulletproof vest. The Judicial Authorities, the forensic lab, a ballistics expert and the police watchdog Committee P are investigating the precise circumstances of the incident.            

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