Roll out of digital energy meters starts

Fluvius, the company that operates the gas and electricity network in Flanders, has started a roll out of new digital meters.  By the end of 2022 1.8 million digital meters will be in service.

Replacing old analogue meters was necessary because soon they will no longer be produced.  Digital meters have many advantages and can be used for new applications. Consumers will receive more information about daily consumption.  Meters can be read from a distance too.  The meter man will no longer have to swing by.

Fluvius is installing standard meters but apps provided by energy suppliers can be added.  The new meters will first be installed at homes that are being renovated, at customers with solar panels and people using budget meters who request the installation as well as when your old metre conks out.  Other customers who want a digital meter sooner will have to pay.

People with solar panels on the roof will see their meters rewind to compensate for the energy they supply to the network.

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