Reserve your crate of Westvleteren Trappist beer online

The of Saint-Sixtus Abbey in the West Flemish village of Westvleteren have come up with a new way to ensure that everyone has a fair chance of being able to buy some of their world-famous beer. Demand far exceeds supply of the beer. Up into now those wishing to buy the beer from source had to call a telephone line set up by the Abbey to make an appointment. The beer is rationed to just a couple of crates per customer. 

The beer is rationed to just a couple of crates per customer. However, last year a Dutch supermarket chain was able to get hold of 7,000 bottle of the much sought after brew that it sold to its customers for 10 euro/bottle.


This made the monks re-think the way in which they sell their beer and it was decided that in future a system should be introduced whereby customer reserve their beer through a web shop. By logging on to www.trappistwestvleteren.be beer lovers will be able to choose between the Abbey’s three beers and place their order.


Each customer will be limited to a maximum order of 2 crates of beer. The web also has an “intelligent waiting room”. This allows customers to place an order for beer even if it is out of stock. They are then put onto a waiting list and contacted once their order is ready. For the past 15 years the Abbey has operated a telephone reservation system.


However, this was only open for a few hours a day and it was often engaged. The new system will be available 24/7. As customers will require a registration code to purchase beer from the site the monks will be able to check that people are only buying their fair share of beer.


This will avert a repeat of last year’s incident with the Dutch supermarket. The new online sales platform will only be available to private customers. Those not respecting the rules will be banned from the site.      


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