Roads closed in Brussels on Sunday due to cycle race

A number of major roads will be closed to traffic for a time on Sunday as the third BXL Tour cycle race makes its way through the capital. The 40-kilometre race will start on the square in front of the Royal Palace in Central Brussels and will finish on the Dikke Lindelaan, near to the Atomium in the north of the city. 

The route is the same as that will be rode during the time trial in next month’s Tour de France. The Paleizenplein will be closed to traffic from 6am until 1pm. In order to give the competitors in the race free and safe passage, the Belliardstraat (including the Belliard Tunnel), the Tervurenlaan, the Vorstlaan, the Generaal Jacqueslaan, the Louis Schmidtlaan, the Brand Witlocklaan, the Auguste Reyerslaan, the Generaal Wahislaan, the Lambermontlaan and the Koniklijke Parklaan will all be closed as the cyclists pass.

The roads will re-open again once they have been swept. The exit slip roads at the end of the A12 motorway in Laken will be closed from 8am until 2pm. The Eeuwfeestlaan near to the Atomium will be closed all weekend.

The temporary closure of some of the capital’s busiest roads means that motorists are being advised to avoid Brussels or to seek alternative modes off transport on Sunday.   

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