Violent car-jacking in West Flemish town

A total of five cars have been damaged in a high-speed chase in the West Flemish  town of Veurne. Police went in pursuit of a vehicle that had been stolen in a violent car-jacking on the Houtmarkt in the centre of Veurne just after 9am on Monday morning. The 20-year-old car-jacker, who is from the town, also tried to steal a police car. He was detained and will be questioned by an Examining Magistrate on Monday afternoon.    

The suspect is alleged to have jumped in front of a car on the Houtmarkt in Veurne to make it stop before dragging the vehicle’s female driver from behind the wheel and then stealing the car.  

Patty T’Jonck of the Veurne Judicial Authorities told VRT News that this was the start of a wild chase through the streets of the town.  

"A couple of streets further he wanted to steal another car. He tried to drag the driver out, but the driver was able to  drive on and the suspect was unable to make away with the car. So he carried on with the first car that he had stolen. In the meantime the police had arrived. The police officers tried to stop the suspect from getting away, but he drove into a police car that he then tried to steal. The police were able to arrest the suspect”. 

The victim was taken to hospital in a state of shock.   


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