Internet-users warned of new method used by phishing fraudsters

The Computer Crime Unit has issued a warning to those using the internet to be on their guard for a new method of phishing that is being used by online fraudsters to get hold of bank details. The method known as “malvertising” uses false advertisement place in banners at the top or the side off bonafide websites.  

In the last few day users of popular websites such as that of the newspaper ‘Het Laatste Nieuws’, the weather site ‘buienradar’ and the second-hand goods site have seen a pop-up appear claiming to be a satisfaction survey.

Those taking part in the fake survey were offered the chance to win a smartphone. The pop-ups appeared mainly on Apple devises (I-phones, I-pads…) and effected those using both Google Chrome and Safari.

The pop-ups did not come about as a result of a virus on or issues with the users smartphone, tablet or computer, but rather due to issues with the sites themselves. The affected sites are taking measures to try and resolve the issue. However, as often is the case with phishing this is not proving easy.        

What should I do if I receive one of the pop-ups?


Don't open it! Close the pop-up and don't click on any of the links. 

Although opening one of the links won't damage you smartphone, tablet or computer you should under no circumstances make any payment 

Report it straight away to·       

If you have doubts as to weather a pop-up is bonafide, it is best to check the official site of the product is that the pop-up claims to be promoting. Is the competition/promotional campaign mentioned on the site? If it isn’t then to pop-up is most likely fake.   

If you think that you have been duped you can best call Card Stop on 070 34 43 44 to block your cards and contact to police to report what has happened.

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