Ram raid at Limburg perfume shop

Thieves have used a vehicle to smash through the window of a perfume shop in the Limburg municipality of Lanaken. The ram raid took place early on Tuesday morning. It is not clear how much perfume was taken from the shop on the Stationsstraat.  

The Mayor of Lanaken Marino Keulen (liberal) told VRT News that “There is a lot of material damage. The entire shop display has been smashed up. It is not clear how much has been taken. Fortunately no one was injured”.

A neighbour called Guido was woken up by the noise made by the ram raid. He told VRT Radio 2 Limburg that “I was a sleep when I heard a hard thud and I saw that they were hitting the display window with hammers. They were professionals”.

One the ram raiders were inside the alarm went off and smoke filled the shop. “They came outside with a big crate and a bag, jumped into the car and set off a speed”, the witness added.  

The Local Police Service has launched an investigation. 

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