Fugitive Active Search Team detains another “Most Wanted” criminal

The Federal Police’s Fugitive Search Team (FAST) has detained criminal that was on Belgium’s most wanted list. The daily ‘Het Nieuwsblad’ reports that the FAST team detained the 39-year-old Polish national while he was walking his dog in a park in the Brussels municipality of Vorst. 

The man had been sentenced to 18-years in prison for murder, but had been missing for some time. Sarah Frederickx of the Federal Police told journalist “Yesterday we were able to feel his collar”.     

The Belgium’s Most Wanted List was first drafted in 2017. The list contains only criminals that have already been convicted by a court of law.

A change in the law at the start of the month was designed to help with the search for fugitives.   

"There have been a number of the changes to the law that for example allow us to tap telephones, which we previously weren’t able to do”.   

At the end of May the FAST team had a Dutch national detained in Spain that was on the run from Belgium.   

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