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Police called to primary school after 8 year old attacks three teachers

The Head and three teachers at a primary school in the Brussels municipality of Jette have lodged a complaint against an 8-year-old pupil after he assaulted three of her teachers. Police were called to the Aurore school, a French-medium primary school, after the children became highly aggressive.  Although the assaults date from the end of last month they have not been reported until now.  

The incident is reported in an article in Wednesday edition of the daily ‘Het Laatste Nieuws’.  The child is reported to have had an anger attack after having fallen out with another child. He had to be restrained and punched and kicked out at all around him. He also tried to run away.

The school called the police. Police officers took the to hospital for a check-up.  The Brussels West Local Police Services' Juvenile Crime Unit have started an investigation, the initial findings of which have been passed on to the Judicial Authorities.       

The boy has been suspended from school and will be no longer welcome there when the new school year starts in September.    

The boy’s family’s solicitor says that they are currently in talks with the municipal authorities (that are in charge of the school) in the hope that the boy will be able to return to school at a later date. 

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