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After the rain, blistering hot weather coming up next week

While today and tomorrow will be cloudy and not too hot, temperatures will climb steadily over the weekend to reach well over 30 degrees Celsius on Monday and the following days. 

We've had heavy rain recently, but things are about to change. Today and tomorrow may be grey and not too hot, but the tables will turn over the weekend. The wind will come from the continent on Sunday, bringing sunny weather and temperatures of about 27 Celsius. 

This marks the start of a very hot spell early next week, with temperatures of well over 30 degrees Celsius (86 Fahrenheit).  Weather forecasters expect several tropical days at least until Wednesday, when it could be 37 degrees Celsius in the Kempen area. 

"It looks like we will have a heat wave next week", says Sabine Hagedoren, the VRT's weather presenter. Winds from the south-east will dominate until Thursday, bringing in very hot air from the continent. 

It looks like we will have a heat wave next week

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