Antwerp sees the start of the "Air Case": pressure groups demand more ambition for a better air quality

In Brussels, the court case for a better air quality in Antwerp has started. The pressure groups Straten-Generaal and Ademloos took legal action against the Flemish government to demand more action for a better air quality, triggering the so-called "air case". They claim the Flemish government should do much more to improve air quality in Antwerp. A ruling is only expected by the end of the year. 

The Flemish government made an air quality plan for 2030 after the European Union had issued a warning that things should improve. Several places in Flanders had exceeded the maximum norms for nitrogen oxides various times.

Straten-Generaal and Ademloos claim that the Flemish plan was not at all ambitious. The European maximum norms are still being exceeded today, which is why they took the matter to court. "The government needs to do its homework again. According to the present plan, we would still exceed the limits by 2030." 

"One could say that things are improving, but the situation is still very bad. The authorities are waiting until the problem solves itself, but in fact the situation should have been much better at present." 

The Flemish government underlines that the air quality has improved in recent years. 

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