Brussels fire fighters take action again as talks break down

Around 200 Brussels fire fight are staging another protest today. Their demonstration got under way outside the office of the Brussels Secretary of State responsible for (amongst other things) the fire service Cécile Jodogne (Francophone federalist). The fire-fighters will make their way to the headquarters of the Francophone socialist party. The protest is against planned reforms to the conditions of employment of those working for the Fire Service. Unions representing the fire fighters held talks with the Secretary of State earlier on Friday. However, these broke down without agreement being reached as Ms Jodogne failed to bring any firm proposals to the negotiating table


Dirk Van der Ougstraete of the Christian trades union ACV told VRT News that "This is a breach of trust. In aim is supposed to be that no one will have to give anything up, but we just aren’t getting there”.  

Mr Van der Ougstraete doesn’t expect a solution to be found before a the formation of a new regional government.  

It’s the third time this week that Brussels fire fighters have taken action. On Monday they also took to the streets to protest against changes to their conditions of employment.  One bone of contention is the abolition of some bonuses.  On Wednesday too fire-fighters protested outside Secretary of State Jodogne’s office. 

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