Extra trains to the coast between Saturday and Wednesday

With temperatures set to rise over the next few days the Belgian rail company NMBS has announced that it is to provide extra train services to and from the coast. A total of 34 extra trains will be provided each day between Saturday 22 June and Wednesday 26 June. The extra trains will increase capacity on trains to and from stations along the West Flemish coast by 31,000 seats. 

On Saturday and Sunday two extra service will be provided from Liège to Ostend (via Leuven, Brussels, Ghent and Bruges). There will also be an additional extra service from Leuven (Flemish Brabant) and an extra service from Hasselt (Limburg). All of the above mention services will return to their respective inland destinations in the evening.   

In a press statement released on Friday, NMBS reminds passengers that thanks to the “Weekend Ticket” pay half price for rail travel to and from all destinations within Belgium on Saturday and Sunday. Weekend Tickets are valid from 7pm on Friday evening until the end of service on Sunday.   

On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday two extra services will be provided between Leuven and Ostend and between Brussels South and Blankenberge. All three trains will return inland in the evening with Leuven as their final destination.

For the information on rail services log on to the NMBS website 

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